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Willemite Franklinite Calcite New Jersey Fluorescent Glow Stone, Rainbow Rock, Large Mineral Sample


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Willemite and Black Franklinite Crystals in white Calcite rock matrix First photo and last shown in Shortwave "black light" and the remainder in "white light". The metallic franklinite does not fluoresce, the willemite glows green, the calcite glows red/orange. The blue is simply reflection. This is a natural phenomena. Large and Heavy!

Dimensions (millimeters): 178 x 89 x 50

Dimensions (inches): 7 x 3.5 x 2

3+ pounds

Origins: Franklin, New Jersey, USA

*********Please note that the Short Wave light is NOT the same as the black light bulbs, those are long wave. If you are interested you can buy the special lamp at various online shops. The light I prefer is branded Way Too Cool Lights. But most important it MUST be SHORT wave********

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