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Vlasovite Rare Crystalline lens in Gemmy Red Eudialyte, Tiny Thumbnail Canada Mineral Specimen Rare Earth Stone in museum display box


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Ultra Rare Yellow crystalline Vlasovite in Red Eudialyte stone Thumbnail Mineral Specimen. Tiny Samples

Dimensions (millimeters): 12 x 6, 8 x 8 and 6 x 6 (small sample)

Dimensions (inches): .5 x .24, .3 x .3 and .24 x .24 (petite tiny specimen)

Thumbnail specimen, housed in Perky Box

Red eudialyte with very rare yellow vlasovite
yellow vlasovite (Na2ZrSi4O11) eye in red Eudialyte (Na4(Ca, Ce, Fe, Mn)2ZrSi6O17(OH, Cl)2) , GIttensite is a zirconium mineral: CaZrSi2O7

This was mined from the Kipawa Complex, Quebec, Canada from very old precambrian rock, some of the oldest rock on earth. Touch this rock and it may quite easily be the oldest thing you will ever encounter in your life.

All Mineral Specimens and Geological Samples come with a label with the name of the mineral and where it was mined

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