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Rutile after Brookite Paramorph Pseudomorph Black Metallic Thumbnail Mineral Specimen Magnet Cove


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Metallic Rutile Crystal Paramorph Pseudomorph after Brookite Thumbnail Mineral Specimen

Dimensions (millimeters): 22 x 15 x 15

Dimensions (inches): .9 x .6 x .6

Origins: ex Clyde Hardin Collection from the MCTC Mine, Magnet Cove, Arkansas, USA, mined in 1976. MCTC is for Magnet Cover Titanium Corporation

Housed in small acrylic museum display box

A pseudomorph is when one mineral, molecule by molecule, replaces another mineral and keeps the shape of the original mineral. A paramorph is a special kind of pseudomorph. A pseudomorph involving two minerals with an identical composition but different crystal structures. The original mineral forms, but conditions then cause it to be unstable, so it transforms into the other mineral with the same chemical structure while retaining the original crystal shape. Mr. Hardin was in his life the premier collector of Magnet Cove minerals. He may never be surpassed. This estate specimen is from Mr. Hardin's private reserve.

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