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Rhodochrosite Pseudomorph after Serandite Crystals Mineral Specimen MSH Quebec


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Dusky orange-pink. Rhodochrosite Pseudomorph after Serandite with Calcite and Polylithonite

Dimensions (millimeters): 35 x 35 x 45

Dimensions (inches): 1.4 x 1.4 x 1.8

Origins: from Mont Ste. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada

A pseudomorph is when one mineral, molecule by molecule, replaces another mineral and keeps the shape of the original mineral. Here the shape is that of a serandite cluster but the mineral is rhodochrosite.

These crystals were mined in the early 90s and are no longer available except from private collections. I purchased a box of these when they were mined and they have been stashed in my stock room all these years.

The Mont Saint-Hilaire site is truly a unique mineral locality. It has produced specimens of over three hundred different minerals with nearly 30 that are new to science and many more yet to be officially recognized as new minerals.
Mont Saint-Hilaire is a geologically unusual locality. It is called an "agpaitic pegmatite" which is named for a geologically similar locality, Agpat, Greenland. The most renowned mineral from Mont Saint-Hilaire is unquestionably the rare serandite. It has a wonderful salmon color and interesting crystal habit. Offered here is the rare pseudomorph of rhodochrosite replacing serandite.

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