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Rare Minerals Chabazite Blocky Crystals on heulandite druzy Zeolite Specimen from Nova Scotia Canada, Collector's Select, aka Acadialite


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Chabazite Orange Blocky Crystals Mineral Specimen. Also known as Acadialite ***The color is best represented in the first photo***

Dimensions (millimeters): 55 x 30 x 8

Dimensions (inches): 2.2 x 1.2 x .3

Origins: Wassons Bluff, Parrsboro, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada

Chabazite was once called Acadialite after the Acadian coast of eastern Canada. Modern lab analysis determined that the crystals were indeed chabazite and the name Acadialite was withdrawn as a scientific mineral name. Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy is a classic Canadian mineral locality, and has been producing superb specimens of many mineral species since the mid-19th century. To collect the zeolites of Nova Scotia one must dangle from a rope suspended above the Bay of Fundy famous for its incredible ocean tides. The typical crystal of chabazite is a rhombohedron. A rhombohedron is basically a "squashed" cube. However, in chabazite the rhombohedrons are not "squashed" that severely and the angles between the crystal faces are nearly 90 degrees. Consequently, chabazite crystals will often look cubic or pseudocubic (pseudo = false).

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