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Pseudobrookite, Bixbyite and Topaz Rare Metallic crystal Thumbnail Mineral Specimen mined in Utah


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Bixbyite with prominent laths of very rare Pseudobrookite, rare black titanium minerals with Topaz on rock matrix. Housed in Perky Box

Dimensions (millimeters): 15 x 10 x 10

Dimensions (inches): .6 x .4 x .4

Bixbyite is a rare cubic titanium mineral predominantly found in the Thomas Range of Juab County, Utah, USA.

Bixbite, the jewelry term for red beryl comes from a nearby mountain range. Originally the red beryl was named in honor of Maynard Bixby. It was determined that bixbite was just a variety, albeit a very rare variety, of the mineral beryl. So when this mineral was discovered it was named for Maynard Bixby. Maynard Bixby is credited with its early discovery as well as finding numerous claims of the Thomas Range Topaz. I have been very lucky to have been invited numerous times to dig at the famous Maynard Claim.

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