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Normandite Very Rare Bronze Crystals in Aegerine Rock matrix Russian Mineral Specimen Kola Peninsula Mines Arctic, for the expert collector


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From Siberia, extraordinarily rare and ancient, Normandite. Bright lustrous crystals in Aegerine and Nepheline rock matrix.

Dimensions (millimeters): 55 x 55 x 35

Dimensions (inches): 2.2 x 2.2 x 1.4

Origin: Partomchorr Mtn., Kola Peninsula, Russia from the Russian Arctic Circle

Chemistry: NaCa(Mn++,Fe++)(Ti,Nb,Zr)Si2O7(O,F)2 (silicate mineral)

The Kola Peninsula in northwestern Russia is truly an interesting mineral locality. This large and significant region has produced over three hundred different mineral species and is the type locality for over a hundred rare minerals. The rich bonanza is the result of several igneous intrusions that occurred from 3 billion years ago to 360 million years ago.

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