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Rare Brookite and Morion Quartz Black Smoky with gray tips from Magnet Cove Mineral Specimen


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Morion Quartz, black matte opaque smoky quartz studded with tiny quartz crystals all with gray "ghost" tips and shining metallic brookite crystals. Thumbnail specimens in Perky Box

Dimensions (millimeters): 30 x 20 x 18

Dimensions (inches): 1.2 x .75 x .7

ex Clyde Hardin Collection
Moses Hill, Magnet Cove, Arkansas
Field collected by Mr. Clyde Hardin, the renowned expert in Magnet Cove digging.

Morion is an ancient term for dark, opaque smoky quartz

When asked about smoky quartz I often advise people when trying to determine if a smoky crystal is naturally dark or has been treated I tell them that naturally smoky quartz color varies through the crystal. Heat treated ones tend to have the same color throughout, tip to tip. Morion is the exception. Morion quartz formed in such a hot, brutal environment the crystal had time and energy to become totally black. The Morions from Magnet Cove when laboratory tested tend to also be included with hundreds of tiny, tiny brookite crystals enhancing the black color. You can also note that the crystal is not a glassy luster.

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