Mineral Specimen Cyanotrichite Crystals in Gypsum Rock Matrix, Copper bearing Mineral mined in New Mexico


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Blue Cyanotrichite Crystals in white Gypsum Mineral Specimen

Dimensions (millimeters): 70 x 45 x 25

Dimensions (inches): 2.75 x 1.8 x 1

Origins: from the Sunshine Drifts mine, Bingham, Socorro County, New Mexico, USA

Cyanotrichite is a copper mineral named for its bright blue fuzzy crystals. From the Greek, kyaneos, "blue" and riches, "hair," hence, blue hair. This specimen was collected by Bart Bauers, a fellow of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science, in the 1960s. Trekking into this part of New Mexico in the 1960s was a true test of courage.

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