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Harmotome Sparkling White Rare Zeolite Crystal Drusy over amber-brown calcite, Mineral Specimen from Scotland


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For the Expert Collector. Rare Zeolite from a classic UK location. I purchased 2 many years ago from a Canadian Estate Collection. I decided to sell one, my loss, your gain.

Dimensions (millimeters); 95 x 60 x 25

Dimensions (inches); 3.7 x 2.4 x 1

Origin: Strontian Barite Mine, Strontian, North West Highlands, Scotland *

Excellent, collector's specimen. Lustrous white crystals of the rare zeolite Harmotome across the front display face, underlain by golden Calcite crystals.

Chemistry: Ba0.5, Ca0.5, Na, K)₅Al₅, Si₁₁O₃₂·12

Whether you love science, just curious about the universe or want to create a collection of the chemical elements, possessing samples is a great way to bring the periodic table to life.

Thank you for visiting Fender Minerals, I appreciate your time

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