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Cherry Blossom Stone Sakura Ishi, Mica Pseudomorphing Cordierite from Japan, Thumbnail Mineral Specimen, Tiny Gemstones in museum display box


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Cherry blossom stone called Sakura Ishi. Crystals in matrix and tiny sliced crystal sections. One of the most striking natural mineral formations.

Dimensions (millimeters): The matrix specimen is approximately 20 x 20  mm and the tiny sections are approximately 3 mm each

Dimensions (inches): The matrix specimen is approximately .75 x .75 inches and the tiny sections are approximately .12 inches each

Origins: Kameoka-shi, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Mica Pseudomorphing Cordierite Thumbnail Mineral Specimen

These small stones of fine-grained muscovite mica occur in a type of metamorphic rock called Hornfels. When cracked open, their internal cross-sections look like tiny golden-pink flowers. They are called “cherry blossom stones”, after the revered flower of Japan and one of the most recognized icons of the country.

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