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Brookite Rare Black Metallic Crystals on Smoky Morion Quartz rock crystal mined at Magnet Cove Thumbnail Specimen


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Metallic Brookite Crystals on Smoky Morion Quartz.

Dimensions (millimeters): 25 x 10 (tiny gemstone)

Dimensions (inches): 1 x .4 (small thumbnail specimen)

Origins: Moses Hill, Magnet Cove, Arkansas, USA

Field collected by Mr. Clyde Hardin, the renowned expert in Magnet Cove digging.
Housed in Perky Box.

Morion is an ancient term for dark, opaque smoky quartz. The opaqueness is intensified by the inclusion of micro brookites.

Rare black mineral composed of titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide occurs as three well known minerals - rutile, the most common but also anatase and the rarest of the three - brookite.

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