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Benitoite on Natrolite Rock Matrix Rare Crystals Collector's Mineral Specimen California State Gemstone


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Benitoite on White Natrolite Rock Matrix, a bounty of Rare Blue Crystals Collector's Mineral Specimen California State Gemstone.

Dimensions (millimeters): 100 x 90 x 10

Dimensions (inches): 3.9 x 3.5 x .4

Origins: from the Benitoite Gem Mine, San Benito County, California, USA

Very rare sapphire blue benitoite on white natrolite druzy rock. Blue Benitoite (Barium Titanium Silicate) named for San Benito County, California this extraordinarily unique mineral is the California State Gemstone. When first discovered in 1907 Benitoite was thought to be sapphire. Benitoite is the only mineral that crystallizes in the trigonal bipyramidal form.

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