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Azurite Malachite, Cute Tiny Nodule Thumbnail Mineral Specimen in museum box, Concretions, Azurite Pearls


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Azurite studded with Malachite Spheres. Spherule in split nodule, very clever. All natural, from the earth to you.

Dimensions (millimeters): 20 x 15 x 10 (petite gem)

Dimensions (inches): .75 x .6 x .4 (tiny treasure)

Origins: mined at Nacimiento Mine, Sandoval County, New Mexico, USA

Thumbnail specimen, housed in small acrylic museum display box, ala Perky Box.

Field Collected, Cleaned, Trimmed, Box Mounted by Maryanne Fender. This location was on my bucket list for many years. We finally were able to get permissions and directions this past summer. I hope you are as delighted with these blue joys as much as I relished digging them.

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