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Aquamarine Sea Green Beryl Semiprecious Gemstone Crystal, Thumbnail Mineral, March Birthstone, in Perky box


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Brilliant gemstone crystal. Just a touch of sea green color.  Gemmy!

Dimensions (millimeters):   20 x 15 x 15

Dimensions (inches):  .75 x .6 x .6

Origins:  Pedra Azul, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Aquamarine and emerald are the same mineral but they are surprisingly different. Emerald is colored by trace amounts of chromium, while aquamarine obtains its color from iron impurities. Aquamarine and emerald have essentially the same specific gravity and refractive index, but emerald tends to be hazy and full of inclusions, while aquamarine is known to occur with excellent transparency and clarity.

Birthstone: March

Anniversary: 19th

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