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Amethyst Point, sprouting Cactus Crystal Cluster, Pineapple, Spirit Crystal, Fairy Gem


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Amethyst sprouting crystal cluster. Pastel Purple Spirit Quartz Rock Crystal. Sits without a stand.

Dimensions (millimeters): 28 x 18 x 15

Dimensions (inches): 1.1 x .7 x .6

from Mpumalanga, South Africa

These are called cactus quartz, pineapple quartz , fairy quartz, sprouting quartz or spirit quartz

Amethyst has been a prized gem for centuries. It is the birthstone for Pisces and the month of February and the gemstone for the 6th anniversary of marriage. The gemstone is included in royal collections all over the world from ancient Egypt to the British crown jewels. Ancient civilizations prized the stone more than many gems. Amethyst was worn on Bishops’ rings. The royal purple color used to symbolize Christ. Saint Valentine was thought to wear a ring set with an antique Amethyst carved with an image of Cupid. The stone is also a symbol of Saint Matthias. There are a number of Biblical references to the amethyst. It was also one of the twelve precious stones in the high priest Aaron’s breastplate. The twelfth foundation of the Holy City was built of amethyst.

For some time, true amethyst was valued equally with the diamond. Then great finds in South America in the 19th century made this beautiful gem available for all of us.

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