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Rare Breithauptite Nickel Ore Mineral, Large Metallic Specimen


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Copper-color, hard to find nickel geological ore large mineral sample. With Nickeline, Silver and other minerals. A large substantial , solid specimen with very little matrix.

Dimensions (millimeters):  70 x 65 x 40

Dimensions (inches):  2.75 x 2.45 x 1.6

Chemistry: NiSb

Origins: from Nipissing 73 Meyer Shaft, Cobalt, Ontario, Canada

When we bought this breithauptite it was the first time we had ever encountered it in the market. We had an entire list of Canadian mineral collectors who for years had also wanted a sample. It is very difficult to acquire. It was back in the 90s when the Canadian economy wasn't so good and two out of work geologists had time to research the old maps. They were able to rediscover this location. It was indeed a one time rediscovery. Cobalt, Ontario has a fascinating mining history.

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