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Blastoids Sea Lily Calyx Fossil Ancient Echinoderms, Permian, Prehistoric life, Petrified Stone Artifacts


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4 Fossil Sea Lily (stemmed echinoderm related to crinoids and sand dollars). Beige and White. Blastoids are very ancient life from the time before the dinosaurs. Thumbnail in Perky Box.

Dimensions (millimeters): approximately 15 x 10 to 12 x 10

Dimensions (inches): approximately .6 x .4 to .5 x .4

Origins: from the early Permian of West Timor

Species: Deltablastus permius

During the Permian much of the total land of the earth was fused into a supercontinent known as Pangea. Many of the continents of today in somewhat intact form met in Pangea (only Asia was broken up at the time), which stretched from the northern to the southern pole. Most of the rest of the surface area of the Earth was covered by a corresponding single ocean, known as Panthalassa, with a smaller sea to the east of Pangea known as Tethys.

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