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Who we are

Posted by Maryanne Fender on

John started collecting minerals with his parents at 5 years old.   His parents were members of the Cape Atlantic Rockhounds of Egg Harbor, a New Jersey.   CAR was a very active club with many avid field collectors, expert mineral collectors and general lapidary.   As a young man he looked at a map of the US and pinpointed New Mexico School of Mines as the institution in closest proximity to the maximum number of abandoned mines available for digging. Certainly an interesting way to pick a university but his various degrees led to a successful career as a geophysicist.  

Meanwhile down in New Orleans Maryanne was studying human paleontology yet the song of the river moves all of those living on its bank and she started studying geology.  

In the early 90s following one of the many cyclical downturns in oil our jobs moved to a large industrial city.  We made the decision to finally return to our original passion of minerals and started Fender Natural Resources later to become Fender Minerals.  

We continued our consulting gigs while selling at swaps and digs but finally in 1996 we decided to become full time mineral dealers. We have continually operated since then grateful for all of the wonderful customers who have made it possible.    

We hope to make you a fan and customer of Fender Minerals!  Please visit often as I try to add new items frequently.