Stan on the auction block

Posted by Maryanne Fender on

Congratulations to our good friends at the Black Hills Institute on their upcoming auction.  

In the Spring of 1987, amateur paleontologist Stan Sacrison was exploring outcrops of the Hell Creek Formation near the town of Buffalo, South Dakota, when he came across a larg pelvis weathering out of a sandy cliff face 100 feet above the prairie. During that summer, Stan spent his free time attempting to uncover what was obviously the skeleton of a large dinosaur. It wasn't until the Spring of 1992 that Black Hills Institute workers began excavation of the dinosaur, which was named after his discoverer. After more than 30,000 hours of preparation, the specimen was ready for exhibit. STAN, the largest and most complete (65% real bone) T. rexavailable to science, headlined The T. rex World Exposition which opened its Japanese tour in Tokyo during July, 1995.

If you are ever in South Dakota please visit the Black Hills Institute