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Ruby Facts

Posted by Maryanne Fender on

Fact 1

The astonishing color of the rubies is due to the traces of chromium.  

Fact 2 

Unlike diamonds and other gems, small inclusions enhance the beauty of rubies, making them look more captivating and velvety. Finding a flawless ruby without imperfections is rare. When found these are priced higher than diamonds.

Fact 3

The Sunrise Ruby, a 25.59-carat Burmese ruby has been by far the most expensive ruby mined. It was sold at auction for over 30 million dollars.

Fact 4

A majority of the rubies will fluoresce when exposed to sunlight.  The also fluoresce a bright red under UV "black light"

Fact 5

Rubies can possess what is known as “Pigeon’s blood,” a very dark red hue. 

Fact 6

Rubies, are found all over the world. Myanmar is the world’s largest supplier of rubies. While Burmese rubies continue to lead the market, Mozambique is becoming a hotspot for new mines.

Fact 7

During Medieval times rubies signified wisdom.