Kansas - To the Center and on!

Posted by Maryanne Fender on

Kansas, named for Siouan indigenous people, known for sunflowers and tornados went for years without a state mineral.  Thanks to a fourth grader and mineral collector, Casey Friend, Galena has taken its place as the state mineral for Kansas.  A fine choice it is.  Thank you, Casey!

Kansas History and State Mineral Galena


Galena was mined in the triple-state corner, Missouri-Kansas-Oklahoma.  Most of the rest of the state is more of a fossil wonderland than a mineral bonanza.  Fossils are widespread but collecting requires permission from private land owners.  So what do you do while visiting Kansas?  How about a bike ride in a salt mine? 

Kansas Underground Salt Museum also called Strataca,  Besides underground tours it also host events including a bike race and a 5K.  


Bike ride in Salt Mine