Iowa - Fields of Opportunity

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State Rock of Iowa - Geode

The geode was designated the official state rock of Iowa. Iowa is known worldwide for the beautiful Keokuk geodes found in the state. 

Saunders Park Geode Bridge

The Geode Bridge at Saunders Park

Geode Fest

The Worthen Earth Searchers of Hancock County rockhounding club sponsors the annual GEODE FEST generally held each Fall. Guided tours are held to various geode collecting locations throughout the area. This is perhaps the best way for new rockhounds to learn how and where to collect Keokuk area geodes. For more information, check out the following web page:

Fossil Park Iowa

Fossil & Prairie Park Preserve and Center

Stroll through acres of native Iowa prairie, discover & collect ancient sea life from the quarry are and visit the company that unearthed these treasures.


  • Collect your own Devonian fossils
  • Hike trails through native prairies and fossil quarry.
  • Observe the historic beehive kilns used by the Rockford Brick & Tile Co.
  • Visitor Center contains compelling exhibits that intrepret the unique features of the Park
  • Canoe access to the Winnebago River.
  • No Admission fee.


This is only one of many parks set aside for fossil collecting in Iowa.  Check the websites to make sure they are open, some did temporarily close for Covid.