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Georgia Staurolite Crystal

State Mineral of Georgia - Staurolite

Staurolite was designated the official state mineral of Georgia. Commonly called "fairy crosses" or "fairy stones," staurolite crystals are common in northern Georgia and are collected as good luck charms.  For over 70 years Hackney Farms was open to collectors to find crosses.  The farm was sold and is no longer open to collectors.  Do not fret, there are some great collecting opportunities in Georgia and you might just find a fairy cross In Fannin County on a hike in the National Forest.  Please be sure to follow the collecting rules :     Forest Service Guidelines for Georgia Rock Collecting.  

Official State Gem of Georgia - Quartz

Georgia designated quartz as the official state gem symbol in 1976.

Quartz is common in Georgia and can be found in a wide variety of colors.  In recent years spectacular amethyst quartz has been mined from Jackson Crossroads pit.  Jackson Crossroads is now periodically opened for collecting but I will warn you that the amethyst from Jackson Crossroads is light sensitive so be sure to go when there is fresh dirt to dig and store your new found treasure away from sunny windows.

Jackson Crossroads


One of my all time favorite collecting spots is The Graves Mountain Swap and Dig near Lincolnton, Georgia.  The caretaker opens the quarry twice a year for collecting.    Don't miss this opportunity to collect where you may find  lazulite, iridescent goethite, pyrophyllite and perhaps if you are fortunate you will find a world class rutile crystal.

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