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Contest Hint

Posted by Maryanne Fender on

In every month's newsletter I post a contest to win a $10 gift card to help pay the shipping for 2 lucky winners.  You can enter as often as you want until we have 2 winners.  

There are no winners this month - yet!  here is a hint:

We think there is color, we think there is sweet, we think there is bitter, but in reality there are atoms and a void.   DEMOCRITUS, C. 460 – C. 370 BC

Here is the contest:

Contest:   Consider the three minerals: Cuprite, Sapphire and Rutile.  These three share a theme with snow, what is that?.  Send your best guess to  The first two correct answers will receive Free US shipping, in the form of a $10 gift card, with their next purchase. If you are not in the US you will receive a $10 gift card.