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Come to Connecticut and collect in nature

Posted by Maryanne Fender on

Connecticut State Mineral:  Almandine Garnet

Almandine garnet was designated the official state mineral of Connecticut.  Connecticut is the source of some of the finest almandine garnets.  Known since ancient times, garnet was named "garnata" in the 13th century by Albertus Magnus and was known as the "Carbuncle" in its likeness to a small, red hot coal. 

Though some of the classic sites have closed to collecting the Meriden Mineral Club lists the three state forest collecting locations with maps.  Be sure to visit the Forest Service website to download a Permit Application.

Educational Mineral Collection Permit Application - › geology_forms › collectmineralspdf


Connecticut State Fossil:    Eubrontes Giganteus Dinosaur Track


The Connecticut Valley is the world's foremost dinosaur track locality. Many different types of fossil track impressions have been found in the Valley's sandstone of the early Jurassic period (200 million years ago). Eubrontes, a large three toed track, was designated the State Fossil in 1991. Although no skeletal remains of the specific track making dinosaur have been found, the shape, size, and stride of the Eubrontes indicate that the animal was closely related to the Western genus Dilophosarus. Two thousand Eubrontes tracks were discovered on a single layer of rock in Rocky Hill in 1966 and subsequently Dinosaur State Park was created for their preservation and interpretation. This Registered Natural Landmark site receives visitors from throughout the world.