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Arizona Rocks!

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Arizona State Metal - Copper

The earliest miners were prehistoric Native Americans. In the late 1600's, Spanish explorers began the hunt for metallic deposits.

In 1854, in Ajo, the Arizona Mining Company launched the modern era of hard-rock mining.

Bisbee Masonic Lodge meeting in a stope of the Copper Queen Mine, ca1897. (Courtesy Library of Congress)

Arizona State Gem - Turquoise

Turquoise was designated the official state gem of Arizona in 1974. The quality of Arizona turquoise is world-famous

Turquoise Zuni Bracelet - Smithsonian Museum.                                            

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. M. Silverman in 1978.

This object was designed by Ondelacy.


Arizona State Fossil - Petrified Wood (what else could it be?!)

Arizona designated petrified wood (Araucarioxylon arizonicum) as the official state fossil in 1988. Araucarioxylon arizonicum is fossilized wood from massive conifers that lived in the Triassic period of prehistoric Arizona (200 - 250 million years ago)

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